Shoplifting detection in real-time

Reduce retail loss using AI with live shoplifting alerts

Discover Lexius
Reduce retail loss
No additional investment needed. Plug-and-play into your existing camera systems.
Catch shoplifters from your phone, tablet or desktop.

Plug and Play.

Lexius plugs in to your existing camera systems with no additional hardware needed. Simply download, setup and start catching shoplifters within minutes.

Real-time notifications
Our AI will detect shoplifters and notify you before the thief has left the store.

Review clips fast and easy

Before taking action you can review a short clip of the suspected shoplifting without having to go through footage manually.

Monitor multiple cameras at once
Lexius takes away the need to manually monitor large amounts of cameras. It can keep an eye on as many cameras as you want.
We care about you and your customer’s privacy.
Racial profiling is a thing of the past
Our shoplifting detection does not use skin color, race or clothing to catch shoplifters.
Your data remains your data
Lexius does not get access to your store footage keeping your privacy.
Your customers are safe
We do not store any information related to you or your customers.
State of the art AI that you can trust.
Legally safe
Our system is designed to consider legal implications, ensuring that you avoid any legal issues.
High accuracy
Lexius gives you peace of mind and let's you stay in charge of shoplifting
Reduce loss
Reduce the majority of retail loss due to shoplifting.
Pricing on request
Up to 15 cameras
Live Shoplifting Detection
Shoplifting Notifications
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Pricing on request
Up to 30 cameras
Live Shoplifting Detection
Shoplifting Notifications
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Pricing on request
Unlimited amount of cameras
Live Shoplifting Detection
Shoplifting Notifications
Custom AI and Setup
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